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We Are Customs services and solutions.

With over 30 years of experience in international trade logistics and customs brokerage, we’ve attained a reputation of excellence. We promise to offer the same to your business!

Who we are

At Customs Services & Solutions we take pride in offering high quality, customized
yet affordable services to our customers.

It was upon these principles that Steve and Cherry Fodor decided to open their own
brokerage firm in 2003. Steve, a Licensed Customs Broker for many years had worked
with several large companies in management roles where he designed programs to
offer exceptional brokerage services. He envisioned a brokerage firm where more
specialized and customized services could be offered to importers. So, this brought
forth Customs Services & Solutions, and the motto “Our Service is Your Solution”
which says exactly what we offer, solutions through great service.

Customs Services and  Solutions aka CSS wants to make a complicated, confusing,
and sometimes frustrating process a less daunting and stressful experience for every
customer. Let us prove our service by contacting us today!

Our team

Steve Fodor

President / Founder

Cherry Fodor

Vice President / Co-Founder

Kyla Shealy

Operations Manager

Joy Johnson

Account Manager

Jessica Knowles

Imports Manager

Hayleigh Meister

Senior Account Manager

Kim Little

Account Manager

Kerry Dean

Accounting Manager

Brooke Nation

Account Manager

Tina Dutton

Support Staff

Veronica Limes

Support Staff

John Kennard

Support Staff