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Cargo Insurance

Protecting you and your business

The risks facing importers of products into the U.S. are many. Most years many ocean freight containers are lost overboard, and other containers are damaged or destroyed due to vessel fires and other accidents. Importers are fully responsible for the cost of their lost cargo and may even have to help pay the cost of repairs for vessels that are damaged under a Maritime rule called General Average where all shippers on the voyage share the cost of repairing a ship.

Many importers don’t realize that conducting business without insurance puts your goods, business, and livelihood in grave danger. The more time that your cargo spends in transit, the riskier it becomes. Not only can your cargo be susceptible to damage, but it can also be susceptible to theft or other external factors.  

Customs Services & Solutions offers cargo insurance for a very reasonable cost. Cargo insurance can help protect your company from major financial loss and is relatively inexpensive, offering peace of mind for just pennies on the dollar.

Peace of mind

Remember, unless you purchase cargo insurance you are at risk every time you import your products. Contact our office today for more details.